Catherine defends against charges of sex trafficking

Highly Rated 5 Star Criminal Defense Attorney Ready to Defend You

  • Accomplished
    Catherine has practiced criminal defense exclusively for almost 20 years and has been Certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association
  • Experienced
    Catherine has tried over 50 trials and conducted hundreds of evidentiary hearings in state and federal court. She loves to cross-examine cops
  • Representation
    Catherine is fearless yet compassionate; she has helped thousands of people navigate the criminal legal process
"If you need an excellent defense lawyer, Catherine Turner is definitely one of the best. She is very sharp, patient and professional. I had a tough case and she did an amazing job with it..."
“Ms. Turner has represented me on two separate matters. One of serious consequence, and one less severe. She not only made my life easier to manage, she saved me from immense damage and set-backs. She saved my future!...”
“I was given Catherine's name as someone who might be able to help me. We are complete strangers. She called me back very quickly. She explained that she could not help me personally, currently being overloaded with legal work...”
“Catherine tried a bogus driving ticket from a cop in Minneapolis for me and she won hands down! She was professional and passionate; I was so relieved when the judge said "not guilty" and she was there right beside me...”

Do You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have received a complaint, indictment, or notice that you're the subject to a criminal or Title IX investigation, Catherine knows how stressful and scary that can be. She will listen to your side, assess your case, explain your options, and what to expect next. She is a highly rated 5 star criminal defense attorney to defend you.