How to Overcome These 5 Common Questions of Criminal Charges

What Happens During a First Appearance?

When a criminal charge is officially filed, the defendant must attend a First Appearance. This initial court appearance ensures that the defendant understands the charges and their rights. The hearing may coincide with a bail determination or follow a summons that notifies the defendant of the charges and schedules the hearing.

What is an Omnibus Hearing?

An Omnibus Hearing involves discussions between the prosecution and defense about the case's future. This crucial hearing allows for various outcomes, including plea deals, case dismissal, or setting trial dates. It's a fundamental part of the felony case process in Minnesota.

What Occurs at a Pre-Trial Hearing?

Similar to an Omnibus Hearing, the Pre-Trial Hearing addresses outstanding issues before a case moves to trial. This step is typical for misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases that might bypass the Omnibus stage, focusing instead directly on pre-trial resolutions or preparations.

How are Contested/Evidentiary Hearings Handled?

Contested or Evidentiary Hearings allow the defense to challenge evidence they believe was unlawfully obtained, addressing issues like the legality of a police stop, search, or seizure. The prosecution must then prove the legality of the charges and evidence. The outcome of these hearings can drastically influence the course of the case, leading to either dismissal of charges or continuation to trial.

What are the Levels of Crimes in Minnesota?

Minnesota categorizes criminal offenses into four levels: Petty Misdemeanors, Misdemeanors, Gross Misdemeanors, and Felonies. Each level reflects the severity of the crime and dictates the legal procedures and potential penalties involved.

Understanding these fundamental aspects of the criminal justice process can significantly aid defendants in navigating their cases effectively.


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