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Community, Mental Health, and Other Resources


Very often criminal charges are related to, or the result of, challenges in one’s life, including mental health struggles, drug addiction, or strife at home. It is common for people to need extra help or services to address their problems. This can benefit them in the criminal legal process in multiple ways. For example, if you have unaddressed anger, you may have gotten in trouble for assault or threats. Getting some therapy for any of your own unresolved issues can help improve the results of your case.

Below you’ll find a list of resources compiled by Catherine over the years. This is by no means an exhaustive list of programs available in the metro area or greater Minnesota, but it’s a place to start. Some of these places or programs have provided services for previous clients. Some were recommended by other attorneys or colleagues in the criminal legal process. Please take advantage of these services if they can provide you with needed help.

Mental Health Services

People Incorporated
Project for Pride in Living
Northpoint Health & Wellness
C.L.U.E.S. (Se Habla Espanol)

General Community Resources

Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center
Hennepin County Specific Community Resources
The Whittier Alliance
Correctional Transition Services, Inc.
Chrysalis/Tubman Center
American Indian Community Development

Chemical Assessments & MI/CD Treatment Options

Unfortunately drug abuse and chemical dependency can often lead to criminal charges, everything from DWI to drug possession, to theft or fraud. A large percentage of cases that go through the criminal legal process are a result of, or related to substance use disorders. If you or a loved one is in trouble because of or related to a substance use issue (drinking or drug abuse), it is important to get assessed and enter treatment or programming right away. Not only with this hopefully lead to genuine help and recovery, it will also benefit in you in court and can affect the outcome of your case.

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense related to or because of substance abuse, it is recommended that you get a chemical dependency evaluation also known as a chemical use assessment or often in Minnesota counties you’ll hear it be called a Rule 25 evaluation. Known by a few names, the idea is the same: It is an assessment of whether you have a problem with substances, and recommends treatment or programming depending on what your needs are. The assessor will talk to you about what kinds of chemicals you use (alcohol, marijuana, for example), how often you use them, and what effect the use is having on your life. Based on your answers, the recommendations can very from none at all, to intensive in patient treatment, and anywhere in between.
Below please find a list of programs, providers, and centers that provide chemical dependency resources, including chemical dependency evaluations. This is not an exhaustive list and can always be improved or expanded. But it’s a good place to start. Many of these programs have been recommended by former clients. Being on the list does not constitute an endorsement, just acknowledgement that it exists and is available. One or more of these providers may work for you. Many of these programs also have Mental Health components because often mental health and substance use problems go together.

Treatment is a very personal experience, so it is recommended that you get all the details before you sign up a for a program. You can always try something else. However the most important thing is that when you finally start the right program, that you finish it. Recovery is a process, and finishing a program shows a Court that you’re taking your commitment to sobriety seriously. That can really impact your case.

Below you will find Clinics and Programs with multiple locations in Minnesota:

Intensive Outpatient Day Treatment
Morning and afternoon schedules



Multiple MI/CD residential programs, located throughout MN
▪ St. Paul (Men’s & Women’s programs)
▪ Stillwater (Men’s program)
▪ Pine City (Women’s program)
▪ Mahtomedi (Men’s program)

Meridian Behavioral Health (Main office)


Chemical assessments and counseling:
Contact the Access Center for information regarding chemical & mental health services and to schedule an assessment

Assessments available at the following locations:


Alliance Clinic (Minneapolis, MN)


Avalon Brainerd Outpatient (Brainerd, MN)


Avalon Eagan Outpatient (Eagan, MN)


Avalon Midway Outpatient (St. Paul, MN)


Avalon Marsh Run Outpatient (Minnetonka, MN)


Avalon Pine City Outpatient (Pine City, MN)


Avalon Stillwater Outpatient (Stillwater, MN)


Latitudes at Avalon Midway LGBT Outpatient (Minneapolis, MN)


Twin Town Outpatient (St. Paul, MN) & Latitudes at Twin Town LGBT Outpatient (St. Paul, MN)



Maghakian Place, People Incorporated
Residential MI/CD program for both men & women



Huss Center for Recovery, People Incorporated
Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient, Continuing Care and Concerned Persons Group services for men & women



Stark Clinic – Centre Pointe Satellite


612-872-2000 x1


Stark Clinic – York Avenue Satellite


Chemical health assessments (in addition to Counseling, Group, and Driving with Care Services)
To schedule a Chemical Health Assessment with Valhalla Place, please call Wendy Robbins at 651-925-8200 or email


Valhalla Place Woodbury


Valhalla Place Brooklyn Park

Additional Programs/Service Providers:


Emergency Detox


Multiple Locations:
Substance Use Services Minneapolis | Outpatient Services
Create – Minneapolis, MN (


Multiple languages:


No Insurance:


For Women:


For Men:
Minneapolis Adult Rehabilitation Center (


African American Specific
Our Turning Point | An African American Organization



*If you would like to be listed in these resources, please email your information.