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The Criminal Legal Process

If federal authorities have brought a crime to your attention, a federal law enforcement agency will investigate to determine if any laws have been broken and by whom. Not all crimes are federal, but if you or a loved one is under suspicion, contact the qualified representation you deserve immediately.
Investigation and Arrest
The events leading up to criminal charges being issued: investigations by law enforcement, Target Letters, bail, bond, and detention.
The steps after a Defendant is charged and appears in court: defense investigation; discovery review; probable cause, evidentiary or other Constitutional challenges.
Plea or Trial
Every Defendant must decide whether to take a plea or fight the case in trial. It will resolve either through plea negotiations, offers to cooperate, agreements for dismissal; or trial. Trial includes jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, and closing arguments.
Sentencing and/or Post-Conviction
When there is a conviction, a judge will issue a sentence that can be probation, local jail, or prison. Defendants already in prison can petition for Compassionate Release.

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