Predatory Registration

What is Predatory Registration?

Predatory Registration is the requirement to register as a predatory offender. A predatory offender is anyone who has been convicted of a qualifying offense. People with convictions for predatory offenses will have to put their name, address, phone number, employment and other information in a database run by the state.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) maintains this database and regularly checks on the people required to register to make sure that they are whey they told the state they are. There are strict rules about letting local law enforcement and the state when they move between residences and travel throughout the state and beyond.

Failure to register as required is a felony and has mandatory prison penalties. The registration requirement can be life long in some cases, and no matter what it can be onerous and embarrassing. Offenses for which predatory registration is required expand beyond just sex crimes.

What are the crimes that require registration as a sex offender in Minnesota?

If you have been contacted by law enforcement undergoing an investigation, received an indictment, complaint, or other charges for, or there’s a warrant out for your arrest for any of these offenses, be aware that if you’re convicted, you will have to register as a predatory offender.

This could have devastating consequences on the accused and their family, employment, housing, and freedom. It’s important to have an experienced defense attorney who knows how to defend against crimes considered to be predatory.

Catherine is an experienced criminal defense lawyer that defends against all charges that involve predatory registration. If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime that requires registration or failure to register, she can help. Call her today for a free consultation.