Know Your Rights!

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Know Your Rights

Exercise your right against self-incrimination!

Do NOT Talk to Police. You cannot talk yourself out of being arrested. Anything you say, despite how trivial it may seem, can be used against you. Confessions are a prosecutor’s #1 weapon . Even if you say something that is not a confession, it could be used to charge you with a crime. 

Even veteran cops will twist your words around to try and say something you’ll later regret. Spare yourself the nightmare! DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE. DO NOT GIVE A STATEMENT.  Do not sign anything. Demand to talk to a lawyer before any questioning!

Remember, you are also guaranteed a right to remain silent at your trial. It’s the state’s burden to prove you guilty of any charge beyond a reasonable doubt . You don’t have to say anything, so DON’T say anything!

Exercise your right against unlawful searches and seizures!
Do NOT consent to any searches! This includes your car, your backpack, and your home! Officers must have a warrant to search your possessions if they don’t have your consent. There are certain situations in which an officer may search you without a warrant, including when contraband is in plain view, when you’re being arrested, and when your car is being impounded. But generally an officer will try and get you to consent and then search everywhere he or she pleases. Do you want the cops sniffing around your glove box? No! Do NOT consent to any search!!!

Here is a great tutorial on how to put your rights into action:

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Remember, if stopped by police:

1. Be courteous. Do not resist.
Do NOT give any false information! You could be charged with giving false information to police or obstruction of the legal process if you lie about your name, or if you physically resist arrest.

2. If stopped for DUI and read the implied consent, take the blood alcohol test.
Refusing to take the test is a crime. You have a right to request a blood or urine test. Exercise your right!

3. Do not consent to any searches.
Do not consent to the officer looking in your car, your home, or your personal belongings.

4. Do not make any statements.
Even if you think being honest will help you, chances are it will do more harm.

5. Ask if you are free to go.
“Am I being detained, officer?” The officer must have probable cause to arrest you. If you are not under arrest, you should be allowed to leave.


Do not talk to anyone about your case until you’ve spoken with a lawyer.

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