Discover How to Overcome the Fear of a Criminal Record Impacting Your Life without Adding More Stress

First Steps in Court: The First Appearance

Preparations for Trial: Omnibus and Pre-Trial Hearings

During the Omnibus Hearing, key discussions between your defense and the prosecution determine the course of your case. This might lead to resolutions or further hearings. In misdemeanors and less severe cases, this progresses directly to the Pre-Trial Hearing, focusing on resolving remaining issues or clarifying points of law to streamline the upcoming trial process.

Challenging the Evidence: Contested and Evidentiary Hearings

If the evidence against you was potentially obtained unlawfully, Contested or Evidentiary Hearings provide a platform to challenge its admissibility. These hearings are critical for asserting your rights and contesting the legal grounds of your charges, possibly leading to a dismissal or a more favorable trial scenario.

Protect Your Rights: Interactions with Law Enforcement

Achieve Legal Peace of Mind

Feeling overwhelmed by criminal charges is natural, but with the right approach and legal assistance, you can navigate this challenging time. Hiring a competent attorney like Catherine Turner, who specializes in criminal defense, ensures that you receive expert guidance and robust representation. Open communication with your attorney will keep you informed and involved in your defense strategy, significantly alleviating stress and empowering you throughout the legal process.

By educating yourself about your legal rights and the procedures ahead, you can transform a daunting experience into a manageable one, achieving peace of mind even when facing significant legal challenges.


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